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photo to describe Core facility manager : collection of scientific article


Core Facility Management: collection of scientific articles

Running a microscopy facility is becoming similar to running a small business, but with a staff actually trying to advance science. 


The scientific Replication and Reproducibility Under the Microscope

The replication crisis, pinpointed around 2010, focus on the difficulty or even impossibility to reproduce many scientific studies.


New standards about Confocal microscopes optical data

The ISO 21073:2019 has recently been published and consists in standards on performance of microscopes for biological imaging.


The must-have tool

When we spend an afternoon analyzing batch of data, or when we write a scientific article, there’s a precious asset to have: good music!


Empowering team science

3 Things you may have missed during the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) in California, beginning of March 2020.


Quality Control on fluorescence microscopes

Quality control is a popular topic on the fluorescence microscopy field, and often mistaken with calibration. What is it and why should we perform it?

customer story

Medical diagnostics certification (COFRAC)

The laboratory of Hematology of Marseille hospitals applied for accreditation through the COFRAC, the French accreditation committee.


Argolight goes to space

Two years ago, our small company was contacted by a NASA contractor to supply our product to equip the International Space Station microscope.