How to troubleshoot the intensity response of your microscope? (Webinar)

 “My sample looks less intense. Is there something wrong with your microscope?”

Even heard the question? It is a recurring topic, especially in Imaging core Facilities, where users use their samples and want to compare results.

In this 45-min presentation, Dr. Arnaud Royon, CTO of Argolight, and Audrey Egron, Customer Care Manager, will discuss how to troubleshoot an intensity response issue on a fluorescence microscope. They will demonstrate the Argo-POWER HM device, in order to detect if the issue comes from the equipment or from the sample.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

Key learnings:
• Acquire a reference image and record a nominal intensity response for future comparison.
• How to use Daybook software to compare a current response to a nominal response.
• Discriminate if the issue comes from the illumination path.
• Live Q&A session

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