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You don’t have time for microscope quality control

How can you fit quality control in an already busy schedule?

Argolight provides time efficient solutions that imaging core facility managers can realistically use to assess periodically the performance of their microscopes.

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Other Quality Control products only focus on the hardware or the software. We provide you with an all-in-one microscope quality control solution. The hardware, image analysis and data management are included. Our goal is to make quality control reliable and time efficient for you.

This is how it works: first you image the patterns inside the calibration* tool. Then, process the resulting images in our dedicated software. The software measures the difference between the images of the patterns you acquired and their features. With the results, you can produce performance reports, help troubleshoot the system or prove its reproducibility.

All in one

Several years of lifetime

No specific storage conditions

Argolight calibration* slides and calibration* microplates are designed to be used by microscope users in the context of troubleshooting, proactive maintenance, preventive maintenance or even predictive maintenance.

Our products contain extremely stable fluorescent patterns with precisely defined features. Patterns can be excited with any wavelength between 250 nm down to 650 nm. The emission spectrum is a broad continuum that starts slightly above the excitation wavelength and up to 800 nm.

A product contains several fluorescent patterns. Each pattern is designed to assess one or several parameters of a microscope: resolution, field uniformity, intensity response, co-registration accuracy between channels etc..

Photo of an Argolight Argo-POWER hm product under a microscope

Perform image analysis and manage quality data in the same software

Opens proprietary formats, no plugin required

Documented algorithms and open format exportation

Argolight Daybook software has a two-steps process that bridges image analysis and data management.

Automatic image processing analyzes the difference between the image of the patterns and their features. The software then expresses that difference in values backed by scientific literature, experts or manufacturers. The values can be stored inside a database allowing their display in a clear and chronological way.

You can then compare those measurements to user- or manufacturer-defined tolerance to assess the quality of the microscope.

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