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“Should I focus when measuring illumination power?” Microscope experts questions

After our webinar “How to display live illumination power on your computer”, based on the Argo-POWER device, we discussed some questions with microscopists and experts.
How do you correlate integration time and noise? How critical is the focus of the incident light for power measurement reproducibility over time?


How to measure resolution with PSF following ISO 21073:2019 and early QUAREP-LIMI recommendations

We had a look at the ISO 21073 about confocal microscopes and the early recommendations from QUAREP-LiMi members. We grouped those documents with our user guide to create a single source to perform PSF in accordance with those guidelines.

Argolight goes to space

Argolight goes to space

Story created with Gautier Papon, Argolight's CEOTwo years ago, our small company was contacted by a NASA contractor to supply our product to equip the International Space...

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