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They tested the second generation of slides

Since Argolight’s founding in 2012, we have listened to the voices of our customers, to understand their use and their needs.

Here is the feedback of some of our customers, who have taken part in a pre-series testing campaign: they tried the new generation of Argolight slides.

Resolution measurement Confocal NL Argolight


How does Confocal.NL demonstrate the improved lateral resolution of their confocal microscope ?

Demonstrating performance of new products and technologies can be difficult. Here we are presenting the case of which used an Argo-SIM to demonstrate its lateral resolution enhanced system.

Argolight goes to space

Argolight goes to space

Story created with Gautier Papon, Argolight's CEOTwo years ago, our small company was contacted by a NASA contractor to supply our product to equip the International Space...

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