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How to troubleshoot the intensity response of a microscope?

Ever heard “My sample looks less intense. There must be something wrong with your microscope.”? It is a recurring topic, especially in Imaging core Facilities. It might induce a doubt on the intensity response of a microscope. Using Argolight slides, we’ll see how to verify the intensity response of the system.


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In this 45-min presentation, Dr. Arnaud Royon, CTO of Argolight, and Audrey Egron, Customer Care Manager, will discuss how to troubleshoot an intensity response issue on a fluorescence microscope. They will demonstrate the Argo-POWER HM device, in order to detect if the issue comes from the equipment or from the sample.

Argolight goes to space

Argolight goes to space

Story created with Gautier Papon, Argolight's CEOTwo years ago, our small company was contacted by a NASA contractor to supply our product to equip the International Space...

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