Glass reference materials

Innovative fluorescence standard


Argoglass® standards are designed for macroscopic and microscopic quality control of manual and automated instrument for clinical diagnosis, biomedical and pharmaceutics.


Argoglass® standards are block of fluorescent glass specifically designed to assess the reliability and stability of your imaging systems (in-vitro diagnostic, spectrocsopy..). Practical applications in biomedical & pharmaceutics like Immunoassays (4-MUP detection), Microbiology (bacteria detection) or Bioanalysis.

Glass properties

Excitation range [230 – 320 ] nm
Emission range [320 – 450 ] nm
Max intensity @ 280 nm: 385 nm

Glass specifications

Smallest dimensions: 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 mm
Largest dimensions: 30 x 30 x 20 mm
Surface polishing quality up to l/20
Optional reflective coating (ex. aluminium)

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