Daybook monitoring software for fluorescence systems

Image Analysis Software

for fluorescence imaging systems

Test your system's homogeneity with Daybook software

Assess quickly and easily the state of your imaging system everyday

Seven tests automatized in Daybook

  • 15 tests available on the slide – 7 major tests automatized in Daybook
  • Test the quality of your system and assess its most important parameters
  • Learn in seconds if your microscope is ready to perform meaningful images.
Tests automatized in Daybook software

Ready to use

  • No preparation is required with Daybook software and its associated monitoring slide. The slides are stored at room temperature.
  • Daybook reduces by 90% the time required to complete quality processes.

Daybook for fluorescence imaging systems
Reduce your quality control time with Daybook

Standardize your tests and compare results

You can now standardize the analysis of your images and compare your results with your colleagues or between systems.

Data is stored in clear common formats and is clearly time-stamped. You can access past data, share it or store copies on your servers.

Daybook + monitoring slides

Each monitoring slide comes with Daybook

Daybook for Low Magnification microscopes



Daybook for High Magnification microscopes