Troubleshooting and quality control software
for fluorescence microscopes

Do you have time for quality control? Nobody does.
That is why we designed the most time-efficient solution for core imaging facilities.

Image of screenshots of Daybook Analysis software and Daybook Data Manager

Time saving features

Spend more time doing wonderful stuff rather than dull things.

Screenshot of Batch Analysis button in Daybook Analysis software

Batch analysis

Do you have several systems to assess? Stop wasting time when processing images one by one. Batch processing in Daybook analyzes multiple images at once.

Image of a thresholds settings made in Daybook software

Set quality tolerance thresholds

You are efficient when you don’t lose time demonstrating that microscopes work fine. Quality thresholds are the solution. You will know when things are fine and you can prove it to others.

Time efficiency AND in-depth data

More than 10 automated quality tests, several tens of relevant metrics.

Screenshot of Tests selection in Daybook Analysis software

Reliable DATA

Reduce operator bias through automatic image processing.

Image of the ISO acronym

Standardized DATA

All the performance metrics provided by Daybook can be found within the ISO 21073:2019 norm.

Our solutions are not relevant to every situation

Our products have their best impact in our customers’ work in some given conditions.