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Innovative fluorecent standard

What is Argolight’s know-how?

Argolight is an expert in fluorescent standards. We do have internally competencies internally to produce several fluorescent material such as glass, gels, liquids and more.

What kind of format can you produce?

We can adapt our material to your support. We can cut the glass, mold the gel or produce the desired amount of liquid, even in small batches . For our customers, we have already produced disks, cubes, coverslips, bulk glass or prisms (please see pictures).

What kind of fluorescence can you produce?

Argolight expertise allows us to offer a large range of properties. From UV to far red we do have differents compositions and technologies to design the product you need. Please see some example at the end of this page.

What is the stability of your products

Argolight offers fluorescent standards for diagnostic, research and industry. Stability is one of the most important characteritic of our products. Depending on the forumulation and technology, we can design a very stable product from months to years.

Can you produce quantitative standards?

We can make innovative products with differents levels of intensity. It can be proportional or logarithmic. We do have the knowledge but also the equipement to validate these parameters. The final product is a quantitative standard for fluorescence.

Some examples

Differents compositions and technologies to design the product you need.

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