Take back control of your system

Analyze your microscope

Use the results to identify the problems

Start learning about your microscope performance right now with the Daybook software suite. Learn how to identify any problems with an easy Quality Control solution.

Complex image analysis

Use the many complex image processing algorithms to analyze the fluorescent patterns. Get results to help you characterize your system.

Online database

Access your data from anywhere with your Daybook account. Allow access to your coworkers to share data and collaborate on decisions. Your data are stored in a personal, encrypted and secure space.

Easy monitoring & reporting

Use our pre-configured templates to set tracking thresholds. Create your own tracking reports by choosing which data to import.

How It Works



Create the configuration of your complex systems with their acquisition profiles and channels.


Upload your images and get ready to launch more than 12 analyses instantly.


Review the results, monitor them and create your Quality Control report.

Revolutionizing Quality Control Monitoring

Performance is only relevant when you compare it. Keep track of your quality results over time in a centralized space and compare them to previous results. A power cut at the lab? You can record the specific events that may impact your quality of imaging and see their effects on before/after results. Monitor your dashboard, with a lot of options of customization (charts, graphs, images). You are the master of your quality data.

Measure microscopes performance

Use the analysis features of the software to access a full range of analyses linked to high-performance algorithms. Analyze your results with results tables and images.

Unlock A World of Endless Possibilities

Automated analyses

Run more than 12 automated analyses to measure field uniformity, chromatic aberrations…

Use all images

Load images for multiple format (*.CZI, *.LIF, *.ND2, *.IOR, etc)

Monitor systems

Monitor several systems with different configurations and track them over time.

Define Thresholds

Create your own tolerance thresholds to detect issues. Add comments to get static information.

Online Support & Update

Access product documentation and user help documents directly online. Reach out to our direct access customer service: no call center, no bot, in-the-flesh human answers only.

Daybook Account

Create your account and access your data wherever you want.

Secure database

Get relevant and comparable values and save them in an organized and secure database.