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Calibration* Microplate

for high content screening (HCS), high content imaging (HCI) or high throughput screening (HTS)

Quality Control for automation

Argo-WP is a calibration* microplate designed to be used with fluorescence or multimode plate readers for high content screening (HCS), high content imaging (HCI) or high throughput screening (HTS).

Argo-WP is an aluminium calibration* microplate with 4 wells. Each well contains a piece of Argolight glass. Each glass contains a stable multispectral and broadband fluorescent pattern.

Systems considered: Yokogawa Cell Voyager, Molecular Devices ImageXpress Line, Perkin Elmer Opera Phenix, Thermo Fisher CellInsight, Cytiva InCell…

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Compare result throughout time

A reliable point of reference for all measurements…

The Argo-WP acts as a standard : it provides reference fluorescent patterns with stable and precise features. After image acquisition with a fluorescence-based imaging system, a software is used to compare the image of the pattern to its features. The resulting difference is the bias introduced by the system.

The bias can be monitored in our quality control software Daybook.

For troubleshooting, maintenance, IQ/OQ and more

You can use the Argo-WP for troubleshooting, proactive maintenance, preventive maintenance or even predictive maintenance.

From a compliance point of view, the Argo-WP can be used as part of installation qualification, operational qualification (IQ/OQ) as well as performance qualification (PQ) processes.

Save money

Save money, save time

Imagers are designed to crunch through hundreds of samples. So, detecting failure too late wastes samples and costs money.

With the Argo-WP you can evaluate the imager functionalities, identify at regular intervals any unusual decreases of fluorescence intensities/irregular patterns that would raise the alarm and trigger a technical intervention.

Well C5 : Field of rings.

It consists in a matrix of 35 × 35 rings, separated by 50 μm, with a cross in its center, on a total field of 1750 × 1750 μm². It is located in the well C5.

Well F5 : 3D crossing stairs

It consists in empty cylinders embedded at differentdepths, like two crossing stairs, with a step of 2.5 μm and surrounded by four 55 μm-long pillars. It is located in the well F5.

What patterns are inside the Argo-WP calibration* microplate?

Patterns of the Argo-WP

Well C8 : Grid

It consists in a grid with a size of 1000 × 1000 μm² and a step of 40 μm. It is located in the well C8.

Well F8 : 4×4 intensity gradation 

It consists in two layers of sixteen 100 μm-wide squares, on top of each other, having different fluorescence intensity levels following a linear evolution, organized in a 4×4 matrix. It is located in the well F8.

Compatible with most popular wavelengths

Each Argo-WP calibration* microplate for HCS systems, HTS systems and HCI systems, can be used with any excitation wavelength from 350 nm down to 650 nm. The emitted fluorescence starts about 15-20 nm after excitation and ends around 800 nm.

Broadband Spectrum specs

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