Twice the fluorescence intensity,
the same precision and lifetime warranty

Introducing AG03, our new glass generation

We have been working for the past 3 years to invent a new type of glass: AG03

The formula was designed to increase fluorescence, while keeping refractive index suited and durability high. We produce the AG03 in our own labs, to ensure the best quality possible.

>100% more fluorescence
with the same exposure













V2 Generation products feature fluorescence that is 100% more intense than the last generation over the full spectrum. Depending on the wavelength and imaging technique it can even go up to 3,8 times more intense.

Increased brightness for red wavelengths

Overall augmented intensity means increased brightness for red wavelengths. 1000 ms of 640 nm excitation gives you the amount of fluorescence that required 2100 ms with previous product generation. A whole new part of the excitation spectrum becomes usable.

Ensure research outcomes

Many research projects outcomes are determined by the ability to reliably produce good images. 

Why is there no simple way to know if your microscope is working well ?

Argolight was founded to solve that matter with one goal : create all-in-one reliable devices that anyone can use to quickly assess the imaging quality of microscopes.

Argolight produces microscopy standards that contain
precise 2D and 3D fluorescent patterns.

They are special for 3 reasons :

All patterns can be excited with any wavelength between 250 nm down to 650 nm. The emission spectrum is a broad continuum that starts slightly above the excitation wavelength and ends around 800 nm.

The patterns are warrantied for life. Fluorescence intensity may fluctuate, but you will always be able to see the patterns. There is no photobleaching possible due to our inorganic fluorescent emitters.

Each pattern is designed to assess one or several parameters of a microscope: resolution, field uniformity, intensity response, co-registration accuracy between channels…All reliable tests, in one product.

From 0 to data

Other Quality Control products only focus on the hardware or the software. We provide you with an all-in-one microscope quality assessment solution.

The hardware, image analysis and data management are included. Our goal is to make quality control reliable and time efficient for you.

How does it works ?

First you image the patterns inside the calibration tool. Then, process the resulting images in our dedicated software.

The software measures the difference between the images of the patterns you acquired, and their features. With the results, you can produce performance reports, help troubleshoot the system or prove its reproducibility.

Dr. Patrick Then

Microscopy specialist, Microverse Imaging Center, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

“Both on our wide-field and confocal microscopes, it was clear to see that the brightness of the slides has been nicely improved on the new generation of slides. (…) Being a new facility, we are currently setting up some testing protocols, which we intend to do regularly to make sure our microscopes have reliable performances (…) For that, the Argolight slides are a very nice tool because the measures are reproducible and signal intensity doesn’t change much over time. We’re thus using the slide as a standard testing target at our facility.”

Test carried out on Zeiss Widefield (Elyra 7 Lattice SIM) and ZEISS Confocal (LSM 980) with Argo-SIM V2.

Maria Smedh and Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez

Respectively Researcher, and Head of the Centre for Cellular Imaging, Core Facility of the University of Gothenburg

“The intensity of the new slide is ~ 3-5 times brighter, depending on wavelength, compared to the 1st gen. This makes the patterns easier to find and it is easier to measure them in the orange-red and far-red wavelength regions. (…)The imaging direction is labeled on the new slide. This is nice, especially for unexperienced users, since it reduces mistakes.”

Test carried out on Zeiss confocal (LSM 780) with Argo-SIM V2.

Dr Steffen Dietzel

Head of Core Facility, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich

“We could test the new slide: it was indeed much brighter than our old one. In particular with white light laser systems, where each line is rather dim compared to single line lasers, that made a huge difference. We now could record images with 638 nm excitation which was not possible before.”

Test carried out on Leica Confocal (SP8), with Argo-HM V2.

Dr. Martin Spitaler

Light Microscopy Facility Manager, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried

“We’ve been using our previous Argolight slide to do regular Quality Control on all our microscopes. The new generation is much brighter, in our experience about 2-4x, compared to the old slides. That significantly improves QC with low NA/magnification lenses and in the red channels.”

Test carried out on Leica Widefield (Thunder) and Leica Confocal (SP8) with Argo-HM V2.

Our Products

Argo-SIM V2

Fluorescent calibration* slide for super-resolution systems, such as SIM microscopes.

Argo-HM V2

Fluorescent calibration* slide for high magnification systems, such as confocal microscopes.

Argo-LM V2

Fluorescent calibration* slide for for low magnification systems, such as widefield microscopes.



Fluorescent calibration* slide with integrated power meter – best for high resolution algorithm-based systems, such as SIM microscopes




Fluorescent calibration* slide with integrated power meter – best for high magnification systems, such as Confocal microscopes



Fluorescent calibration* slide with integrated power meter – best for low magnification systems, such as Widefield microscopes