Zeiss Carl Zeiss France, subsidiary of Carl Zeiss group, the worldwide microscopy leader, will distribute Argolight slides as of October 2015.


microsopezeisThis partnership will add to the option on an Argo-Z slide to Zeiss’ maintenance contracts, allowing for easy monitoring of the fluorescence systems and accurate forecasting for when maintenance is required.

Argolight is extremely excited about this collaboration and thankful for the confidence instilled by Zeiss, who is a major historical player in the microscopy field and known for supporting high impact innovation.


French fluorescent system users interested by our technology can contact their Zeiss representative for more information. Foreign users can contact Argolight about how to get the slide.


Read the press release here : Zeiss, worldwide microscopy leader, now distributing Argolight products


Read the article on Zeiss France website (in french)

For more than 160 years, Carl Zeiss has been supporting innovation and contributing to technological progress, thus preserving its status of international leader in optics and optoelectronics. Carl Zeiss group, with more than 24 000 employees worldwide and 4.29 billion revenue, is present in over 40 countries. Carl Zeiss France generates a yearly revenue of 89 million euros, in different fields ranging from pure research to industry. www.zeiss.fr