Technology guidance

Argolight is a company at the frontiers of Photonics and Material sciences and a spin-off out of the LOMA and ICMCB laboratories at the University of Bordeaux, France, Europe. We specialize in the modification of transparent materials by photonics processing for biosciences applications.


We believe that innovative material processing comes from the expertise of both the material and the means of modification. That is why we have our own industry grade material production facility and why we develop the best materials to integrate in our products.

Argolight is a high-tech company that prides itself on being ecological and socially responsible.

Ecological responsibility

Argolight policy is to propose robust products at the counter-current of planned obsolescence. We work to create products that last, relying on innovation and development to insure sustainability. At Argolight, our employees have incentives to use public transportations to come at work. We also try to minimize and recycle all our waste.

Social responsibility

We believe that properly treated people lead to better committed employees. Our employees have the option for various new trainings and have many opportunities for growth inside the company.

Video presentation

This video presents Argolight’s innovation and some of its staff. It was created for the “La Tribune – Young entrepreneur award” (winner 2015) –


Credits : La Tribune / Viewon

Executive management

Gautier Papon, Ph.D.

Gautier Papon, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder

Gautier Papon is the CEO and co-founder of Argolight. He has a Ph.D. in “Lasers, Materials and Nanosciences” and a Master in “Business of Instrumentation in Physics”, both from the University of Bordeaux. He developed the core concept and business model of Argolight.

Previously the company business developer, he is now currently in charge of executive management.

Arnaud Royon, Ph.D.

Arnaud Royon, Ph.D.

CTO & Co-Founder

Arnaud Royon is the CTO and co-founder of Argolight. He graduated from the University of Bordeaux with a Ph.D. in “Lasers, Materials and Nanosciences”, and from the University of Central Florida (CREOL) with a Ph.D. in “Optics”. He transfered Argolight’s technology from the laboratories to the company.

In 2015 Dr. Royon was awarded the Jean Jerphagnon Prize for “Excellence in the field of Optics with industrial applications”

He is currently in charge of the production and the R&D programs inside the company.

Advisory board

Name Function
Pr. Lionel Canioni Professor of physics at the University of Bordeaux, head of LAPHIA Cluster of excellence in Laser & Photonics
Dr. Thierry Cardinal Senior Scientist at the University of Bordeaux, head of Optical Materials team at ICMCB
Philippe du Mesnil Eng. Agronomist, former CEO of the CEVA Santé Animale Group, now President of Financière Chopin, the Holding which controls the CEVA group
Philippe Legros Microscopy Research Engineer at the Bordeaux Imaging Center – University of Bordeaux