data on your microscope performance!

Your best troubleshooting partner

Discover an easy way to get complete data on your microscope performances.

Ease the detection of your microscope troubles, share data easily through reports with Argo-POWERHMsolution.

3D Fluorescent patterns

Measure the Z-distances, drifts in Z, 3D reconstruction accuracy...

Power Measurement

Measure power in real time or during several-hours periods (timelapse).

XY Resolution

From 100nm to 700nm, perform a XY resolution

Data Manager

Display and manage tables, graphs in live and create reports.

Our Customers talk

We liked to have a lot of data – especially to get all the wavelengths on the same chart.

Monique Vasseur

Core Facility Manager, University of Montreal

We enjoyed the ease of use of the Argo-POWER, and the various possibilities offered by the patterns. We would appreciate to be able to measure laser power with an immersion objective as well.

Britta Schroth Diez

Deputy Service Leader, Light microscope facility, MPI-CBG

The software is an advanced value.

Dr. Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy

Imaging Facility Expert and Microscopy Expert, University of Oxford

Combining fluorescent patterns and a power-meter on the same slide makes it a very good tool for air objectives.

Monique Vasseur

Core Facility Manager, University of Montreal

The software stood out with functionalities like plotting the measured values: it provides a direct visualisation of the laser power with respect to the AOTF settings.

Laure Plantard

Senior imaging specialist, Light microscope facility, MPI-CBG

I find the idea of combining all required testing tools very attractive.

Dr. Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy

Imaging Facility Expert and Microscopy Expert, University of Oxford

Linked with the software Daybook – still being improved – it’s a powerful tool to monitor all the parameters.

Sebastien Marais

Confocal and 2P microscopy specialist, Bordeaux Imaging Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the warranty of the product?
All our products are designed to be used at least 3 years. It means that we offer a warranty that their condition will not change, or we will be able to repair it.

For the Argo-POWERHM:

* the Argo-HM glass is warranted for 3 years. The fluorescence will be present for at least 3 years and the spatial dimensions of the patterns will not change. If you break the glass, we can repair it, so you don’t have to buy a complete new solution (information: within 5 years of production, only 0.5 % of our customers claimed they broke the glass).

* The optical power-meter is an electronic device so it is warranted for 1 year. If necessary, we can replace it, so you don’t have to buy a complete solution.

Can I use both the powermeter and the patterned glass with immersion objectives?
The Argo-HM glass is compatible with objectives from 20 to 100x using air, oil or water.

The optical power meter is compatible only with air objectives. In fact, our sensor is partially waterproof and resistant to oil. So splashing or pouring oil is not a problem but we have not validated prolonged use.

Does the Argo-POWER need to be calibrated, as I do with my normal powermeter?

The power meter is calibrated by Argolight prior to shipping. An Argolight certificate of calibration is provided with the product.

The power meter response can change or deteriorate with time, especially if it has been illuminated with excessive average and/or peak power. Argolight advises to recalibrate the power meter every 12 months to ensure accuracy in the measurements. Find your Argo-POWERHM calibration file here.

How can I clean my Argo-POWER?

For dust removal, use clean pressurized gas and lint-free soft cotton swabs (or lens tissue) dabbed in a reagent grade alcohol (ethanol or propanol).

A minimum amount of alcohol is preferred to prevent from alcohol contamination below the detection window (power meter part).

Wearing gloves is advised. Do not use acetone.