Mifobio 2016, school of Functional Microscopy in Biology

Mifobio 2016, school of Functional Microscopy in Biology

We look forward to attend Mifobio, the school of Functional Microscopy in Biology.

The school’s 2016 session will be held from September 30 to October 7, 2016, in Seignosse, France.

We’re supporting the event by providing a complete range of products, to be tested during the workshop “Metrology: which tools for which measurements?”, held by two INSERM researchers, Perrine Frere and Aurelien Dauphin (Sat. 1st Oct. at 9.30pm and Weds. 5th at 4.45pm)

Aurelien Dauphin and Damien Schapman, researcher at Primacen Rouen University, will also consider our tools on their workshop “Beyond Metrology” (Tues. 4th at 9.30pm)

Click here for the program

About MiFoBio:

MiFoBio is a interdisciplinary school aiming to provide a common background of knowledge and know-how, in order to develop novel modalities to observe and understand biological processes. This School is organized since 2004 by the GDR2588 (Life Imaging and Microscopy) within the CNRS training program. http://gdr-miv.fr/mifobio2016/