Please contact your local distributor(s) for standard products :


Flag: United States on JoyPixels 6.0 United States : AxiomOptics  Flag: Italy on JoyPixels 6.0 Italy : Optoprim
Flag: Spain on JoyPixels 6.0 Spain : PhotonLines ES Flag: China on JoyPixels 6.0 Mainland China : Sinoptix 
Flag: United Kingdom on JoyPixels 6.0 UK : PhotonLines UK Flag: China on JoyPixels 6.0 Mainland China : Dynasense
Flag: Germany on JoyPixels 6.0Flag: Austria on JoyPixels 6.0 Germany & Austria : AHF  Flag: Japan on JoyPixels 6.0 Japan : KLV Co
For YOKOGAWA CellVoyager Clients interested in Argo-WP products, please contact your After-Sale contact : WAYPOINT 


For OEM, other countries and direct contact with Argolight  :

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