Argolight is broadening its range of solutions for fluorescence microscopes: now distributing GATTAquant products in France.


In order to complete the range of products available to his customers, Argolight has been looking for innovative and reliable tools for super-resolution systems dedicated to quality monitoring.


Gautier Papon, CEO of Argolight (left) and Jürgen Schmied, CEO of GATTAquant

Gautier Papon, CEO of Argolight (left) and Jürgen Schmied (right), CEO of GATTAquant

Argolight is glad to be now distributing GATTAquant products in France, as it fits in a comprehensive approach to support all aspects of easy quality control for fluorescence microscopes.


We would like to thank again all the GATTAquant team for their trust, we believe it is the start of a relevant partnership, as both companies and their customers will benefit from a wider network, knowledge and support.




GATTA-SIM nanorulerAbout GATTAquant:

GATTAquant, founded in Germany in September 2014, is a spin-off company of the Technical University of Braunschweig in the field of super-resolution imaging. The company specialises in nanoscaled standards for super-resolution systems. They have been used by companies such as Leica Microsystems, Hamamatsu or Scientific Volume Imaging.