Promote ecology within a small company: Ride-to-work Incentive


Ecology has always been in the core values of Argolight

Since its creation, Argolight chose to develop and offer robust products at the counter-current of planned obsolescence. We believe that high-quality, long-lasting products make happy customers and make sense as sustainable consumption habits, even as a company.

To us, it was common sense to share and promote these values within the company itself.

Ecology as a day-to-day choice

Our HQ is located in the “Cité Photonique“, in a brand new building specially thought to minimize environmental impact. The Elnath building stores and reuses hot and cold air instead of air conditioning, and is equipped with 1000 m² of solar panels, covering 35% of the building’s electricity needs.

For the past years, we’ve tried to minimize and recycle all our waste: it means reminding our collaborators to be sensible when printing, reusing scrap paper – and even using our fresh coffee ground as compost for our employees’ gardens!

Our staff already had access to incentives to use public transportations to come at work.

We’re now going one step further: we’ve recently implemented a Ride-to-work Incentive. Each employee using his/her bicycle to work will get a bonus at the end of the year.

So far, one half of our staff has taken on the challenge and ride to work (almost) daily! 

Congratulations to them!