Article : How Argolight won space

Argolight’s CEO Gautier Papon recently posted an article on linkedin about how the company managed to have our product scheduled for a shipment to the Internation Space Station. here is the lead :

Two years ago, our small company was contacted by a NASA contractor to supply our product to equip the International Space Station microscope. Now they are getting ready to ship our technology to space in the upcoming SpaceX Spx CRS 11 – Falcon 9 launch. A great achievement for a then 4 people, now 8 people French company. Here is the story of how it came to happen. 

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Argolight's Article on Linkedin

Argolight’s Article on Linkedin


You can read more in an interview of Gautier Papon, in La Tribune national newspaper here (in french)


“Argolight conquers Space” in la Tribune newspaper