Further to an emerging awareness of the need to develop novel microscopic methods, especially for fluorescence imaging, the Hannover Medical School (MHH) and Argolight have been collaborating for several months on research and analysis on systems using an Argo-M slide.


In the context of an eSIP (extended Sectioned Image Property) layer approach, the MHH has been able to evaluate the Argo-M slide, noting that “the ARGO-M is a perfect tool to simply visualize lateral aberrations, which is not possible with the SIP calibration samples thin fluorescent layer and fluorescent solution”.

The MHH reached the conclusion that “We suggest a state-of-the-art general standard of microscope calibration routine should be a combination of [the author’s] approach with a calibration routine that provides information on the X and Y resolution and aberration. This could be a bead-based routine or a novel approach […] like the Argolight slide”.

Read the full article in PLOS journal here:
eSIP: A Novel Solution-Based Sectioned Image Property Approach for Microscope Calibration

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