The Olympus Microscopy Summit 2017 has started this week. (Olympus Europa headquarters – Hamburg, Germany)
In order to show the performances of their system, the european Olympus team has contacted us to get an Argolight solution : The Argo-HM slide and his dedicated softwareDaybook”.

Argolight Olympus Summit Oct 2017

On this picture, we can see the intensity pattern (2×16) which is one of the 15 patterns included in the Argo-HM solution. It displays 2×16 different levels of intensity. It is very useful to check the linear response of your system in order to control the performances of your light source and your sensor.

The Argo-HM solution includes other tests such as the resolving power, the illumination inhomogeneity or the chromatic shift.

We are very proud to participate to this event and we warmly thank the Olympus team for having thought about Argolight solutions.